Lakeview Village HOA of Brandon, Inc.
Q:  I want to paint my house, fence my yard, add a driveway, etc..  Do I need permission?
A:  Yes.  You will need to complete an ARC form and submit it to: 
      LVHOA, P. O. Box 1166, Mango, FL 33550-1166 and then wait for a response letter from the Board.
      The ARC form can be found under the "Members" tab, under "Documents".
Q:  When are the Board of Directors' meetings and where do the meet?
A:  The Board of Directors meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.  The meetings are held at
      2130 Highview Road at the Springwater Church of Brandon in Brandon, FL.
Q:  Where can I find copies of the Deed Restrictions, By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation?
A:  These documents are found under the "Members" tab then under the "Documents" tab and can be    
      downloaded free of charge.
Q:  Where Can I report a violation?
A:  Go to the "Contact Us" tab and submit your complaint.  The Board of Directors will review your complaint.
Q:  How much are my dues and when are the due?
A:  LVHOA sends annual assessment notices to homeowners in November of each year.  The amount varies from
     year to year based on the annual budget but never more than 5% each year per our documents.